i want to convert what i selected from the combobox so i can edit it or delete it, but the messege "cannot convert from string to int" keep showing

if (sqlCon.State == ConnectionState.Closed)
        string Query = "select * from tbl_article where NameArticle='"+comboBoxArt.Text+"'";
        SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand(Query, sqlCon);
        SqlDataReader myReader;
            myReader = cmd.ExecuteReader();
            while (myReader.Read())
                txtName.Text = myReader.GetString("NameArticle");
                txtPrice.Text = myReader.GetInt32("PriceArticle").ToString();

and also when i run it, the selected item changes to his id "IdArticle". how can i fix this ??

  • what is the type of PriceArticle and NameArticle in the database? Mar 23 '17 at 4:21
  • instead of GetString or GetInt32 you should use GetValues
    – P. Pat
    Mar 23 '17 at 4:22
  • NameArticle => varchar(50) and PriceArticle => int
    – Jalloul95
    Mar 23 '17 at 4:23
  • @P.Pat now it says "cannot convert from string to object"
    – Jalloul95
    Mar 23 '17 at 4:25

Why not just do this?

txtName.Text = myReader["NameArticle"].ToString();
txtPrice.Text = myReader["PriceArticle"].ToString();

It should get whatever value from database whether its int or DateTime etc then convert it to string?

  • still one thing, when i select an item from the combobox, the item switchs to his ID in the combobox
    – Jalloul95
    Mar 23 '17 at 4:34
  • this is the best answer, it's easy to do a TryParse to the text later on if you need the value back as a number. As to your second question, i don't understand it at all.
    – ferday
    Mar 23 '17 at 4:36
  • @AbdelJelilZaghouani that is due to your query where NameArticle='"+comboBoxArt.Text+"'. I suggest you start practicing parameterized query and also use Add instead of AddWithValues. About Parameter & Why stop AddWithValues
    – P. Pat
    Mar 23 '17 at 4:42
  • @ferday so, the combobox shows articles names from a table called tbl_article, the article have an id(IdArticle), a name(NameArticle) and a price(PriceArticle), when i select an article from the combobox, the name changes to the ID in the combobox
    – Jalloul95
    Mar 23 '17 at 4:46

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