I could connect to EC2 Linux instance using PuTTY, but I need to connect it to Amazon EC2 Windows instance.

I installed freeSSHd server on EC2 Windows instance to support SSH client request on port 22. SSH server is running on port 22.

When I tried to connect, it is asking for a password. After trying with some of the available passwords, it is rejecting the connection. I have tried with usernames ec2-user, root & administrator.

Is it possible to connect to the Amazon EC2 windows instance using PuTTY?

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    There's no SSH server in Windows by default. Though, if you are getting prompted for password, you must have installed SSH server. Did you? – Martin Prikryl Mar 23 '17 at 10:18
  • Installed freeSSHd server on ec2 windows instance to support ssh client request on port 22. SSH server is running on port 22. – Bipin Kishore Mar 23 '17 at 11:22

First, freeSSHd is unreliable and obsolete server. I suggest you use a different one.

Actually, Microsoft now provides a beta version of OpenSSH port for Windows.

Anyway, configure the accounts in freeSSHd settings. And then use the configured credentials in PuTTY.

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