So, as I'm learning Tosca, I tried to scan the simple program Notepad.exe that comes with windows... and I can't seem to figure it out. Is it even possible with Tosca 9.2? Is it possible with Tosca 10?

The best I was able to do so far was to scan Notepad as an "other", and switch on the Options > Use UIAEngine... and then it was only really able to see the main editbox... menu headers could be scanned, but none of the menu options like file > Open... or Edit > Replace... which would make being able to automate Notepad.exe useful.

Is it just not possible yet?

  • Use tbox start program module under standard module.
    – Soumen Das
    Feb 17, 2020 at 15:21

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It is possible with TOSCA 10. I just tried and scanned Notepad instance with Desktop option from Module Folder > [right click] Scan Application > Desktop. It shows all the open browsers, Notepad instance, folders and desktop.

I scanned a module of Notepad which had only two attributes (because I selected only those) - Text area of Notepad and its close button. I created a test case where I inputted 'This' in the text area and clicked the close button. The test case also works fine.

Hope this helps!


The performance is much faster if you use the below modules instead of opening it UI. You can read/write and play around in the text file.

  1. TBox Read/Create File
  2. File system operations

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