I am using the Dark theme of Visual studio and there is one particular color which in my opinion is too weak.

I have tried to change it but couldn't really succeed.

Sample 1_1: Designer

When you click on an object in the designer, the XAML editor will try to mark the code by changing the objects background:

Sample 1_2: Xaml editor

Now if you pay attention, then the background of <ComboBox... > is changed, but the difference is not that much. And I want to change that.

In the next sample the same code is shown with another theme:

Sample 2_1 Xam editor

In the sample above it is much more clear. And I want to make the same for the Dark theme.

Does anybody know how to do that ?

I have tried Tools >> Options >> Environment >> Fonts and Colors:

Sample 3_1 Options

There are so many possibilities, and I have clicked on all of them, but couldn't really find the particular color I wanted.

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In Tools >> Options >> Environment >> Fonts and Colors you need to select TextEditor in the Show settings for: combo, and the option under Display items: responsible for that color is called Inactive Selected Text (it's the 3rd option from the top in my VS). You can then use the Item background: color picker to select preferred color. Note though that this will change the background color of inactive selected text in all text editors, not just in the XAML editor. Here's a screenshot:


  • Yes! Thanks exactly what I was looking for. Mar 28, 2017 at 14:44

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