I have a type script component that defines two interfaces like:

interface Project {
name: string;
activity: string;
lastBuildStatus: string;
lastBuildTime: string;
lastBuildLabel: string
webUrl: string;

interface GoArray {
projects: Array<Project>;

The components makes a call to an ASP Core controller to return an object with property 'Projects' Which itself is a list of 'Project' objects. So I believe this matches my interface definitions. In the controller I set an object of type GoArray to the result from the controller

export class GoComponent {
public projectsArray: GoArray;

constructor(private http: Http) {

public getPipelineStatus(chosenUsername: string, chosenPassword: string, chosenUrl: string) {

    // debugger;
    this.http.get('api/go/cctray?username=' + chosenUsername + '&password=' + chosenPassword + '&uri=' + chosenUrl).subscribe(result => {
        this.projectsArray = result.json();

This seems to be returning data in the format I expect. But how do I then display all items in the array in my components HTML?

I've tried

<div *ngIf="projectsArray">
<div *ngFor='let project of projectsArray.projects'>

Nothing gets rendered on the screen with this, but if I inspect the component using Augury, it appears as though the projectsArray is populated as I expected

enter image description here

How do I iterate over the list and display the properties of each of the objects?


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    Your properties are lowercased, so you should display them as {{ project.name }} and {{ project.activity }}
    – devqon
    Mar 23 '17 at 14:28

It should be,

<div *ngFor='let project of projectsArray.projects'>

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