I have a table

Key     code 
1       100
1       200
1       300
1       400
2       100
2       200
2       300

I am looking for my result in one row with key and other row XML_data

Key      XML_Data(XML column)
1        <sub><key>1...
2        <sub><key>2...

XML_Data example :

  <key> 1 </Key>
      <code> 100 </code>
      <code> 200 </code>
      <code> 300 </code>
      <code> 400 </code>


  • The query you've tried so far is?
    – Pred
    Commented Mar 23, 2017 at 18:33

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I think that this SQL Server: Two-level GROUP BY with XML output it's closer.

Posted here because i don't have reputation for comment.


Your question is quite fuzzy, but my magic crystall ball tells me, that you are looking for this:

DECLARE @tbl TABLE([Key] INT, code INT);

--The query will first find a distinct list of keys and then use nested FOR XML-selects to gather your data into the structure wanted:

WITH DistinctKeys AS
(SELECT [Key] FROM @tbl GROUP BY [Key])
SELECT dk.[Key]
        SELECT dk.[Key]
                SELECT t.code
                FROM @tbl AS t
                WHERE t.[Key]=dk.[Key]
                FOR XML PATH(''),ROOT('list'),TYPE
        FOR XML PATH('sub'),TYPE    
       ) AS XML_Data
FROm DistinctKeys AS dk

The result

Key XML_Data
1   <sub><Key>1</Key><list><code>100</code><code>200</code><code>300</code><code>400</code></list></sub>
2   <sub><Key>2</Key><list><code>100</code><code>200</code><code>300</code></list></sub>

You've not specified much, as to where your XML is etc. but in general following query should help in your case.

INSERT INTO dbo.YourTable
  (key, xml_data) 

You can go even further with that, by declaring XML as variable, extracing your KEY from XML, and to 2nd column adding XML based on whole variable.

DECLARE @input XML = '<sub>
  <key> 1 </key>
      <code> 100 </code>
      <code> 200 </code>
      <code> 300 </code>
      <code> 400 </code>

INSERT INTO dbo.YourTable(key, xml_data)
      key = COALESCE(XCol.value('key[1]', 'int'),0),
      xml_data = CONVERT(XML, N''''+@input+'''', 2)
   FROM  @input.nodes('/sub') AS XTbl(XCol)

@ATC, thank you for your comment. If really what is needed is to get table into XML format please try following - FOR XML PATH is what you're looking for

   code as "list/code"
FROM dbo.YourTable

I'm not able to test it right now unfortunately. Here you can see similar question: How to convert records in a table to xml format using T-SQL?

  • Your updated query will not lead to the structure the OP states in his question... Commented Mar 24, 2017 at 7:42
  • @Shnugo thanks for comment, unfortunately I'm not able to do real testing due to my pc / environment limitation. It was more like a concept to take further. Seen your answer, seems like it will solve the problem well, thanks!
    – morb1d
    Commented Mar 24, 2017 at 11:02

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