Hei all, I have this procedural program that creates different object in Maya through Python. After the creation of these elements I want to get the user the possibility to select some of these object and though a button to delete it...The problem is that I don't understand how to get the name of the object... So far my code is this..

#Deletes Selected Element selected from the user
def DeleteSelection(*args):
    selected = cmds.ls(sl=1,sn=True)

And in the GUI I have this button...

cmds.button(label='Delete Selection', w=150,h=30,command=DeleteSelection)

cmds.ls will return a list, you need to check the list and delete what ever you want to delete, and sn is very bad always use long name because there can be duplicates.

selected = cmds.ls(sl=True,long=True) or []
for eachSel in selected:

ps : you should give a try to read doc's since you asked so much basic question. Its not fair to ask very simple things like this.


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