I want:

  • central oauth2 server which will hold all user accounts and will provide platform for user account management
  • multiple services which will connect to central oauth2 server to verify user. Each service will have Web and mobile applications (iOS, Android)

I followed spring-boot-oauth tutorial and have client that connects to server for credentials using redirect. This works fine for browsers, but I wish to be able to login directly in native apps. I think using grant_type=password should solve the problem, but I can not find good description how to approach this.

  1. Should I send token request directly to central server for refresh token, or should I proxy it through each application service?
  2. Is there any way to check on native app if user is already logged in central server from device, or do I always need to send login/password? I'm aware that I could develop separate application to which I will redirect user for verification, but for user-experience and time-efficient reasons I would like to avoid it.

If you are thinking of native mobile apps on Android and iOS, then I would recommend looking at these libraries...



These libraries allow you to use implicit or code authorization flows, avoiding the grant_type=password flow which makes it more difficult to get single sign on.

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