i use mailgun and the setting is done and i've test it and work, but i dont understand why i can't send email without array, here i tried using array but idk why it's error said Undefined variable: data

public function kirim(Request $request){

    $data = array(

    Mail::send('laporan.kirim', $data, function($message) {
        $message->from('christian7andrew@gmail.com', 'PuraBox');

    return redirect('/');

any idea how to use array corectly ??

  • which version of laravel are you using??
    – PaladiN
    Mar 24 '17 at 4:55

Use a use.

Looks like you are using a php version which supports closures

Mail::send('laporan.kirim', $data, function($message) use ($data) {
    $message->from('christian7andrew@gmail.com', 'PuraBox');

The second parameter of the send() method is to set mail options. Does not place the variable inside the function body.

The use puts variables into the body of the function


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