I'd like to use a view to compute a summary of bigger documents. Every document produced by the view corresponds to one source document. The view output is used to populate table in the UI, clicking a row of the table opens the bigger document. When there's a conflict in the underlying document I'd like to show it in the table row, so user can open the full document and resolve the conflict. How can I efficiently obtain the conflicts to show in the table? (all the conflicts for the underlying docs)



You can use the conflicts option in the view parameters, together with include_docs. You can find more info about view params in the CouchDB docs.

E.g. http://localhost:5984/mydatabase/_design/documents/_view/posts?conflicts=true&include_docs=true adds the property _conflicts to each document that has a conflict.

Pro tip: In that case you don't need to emit the whole document in the view itself, as the include_docs parameter returns the complete document anyway.

Another possibility is to emit the _conflicts property itself. You can do that like this:

function (doc) {
  if (doc._conflicts) emit(doc._id, doc._conflicts);

This is a handy view for finding only documents with conflicts.

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