Why are some maven projects in IntelliJ greyed out?

enter image description here


Seems images are better way to answer this question.

  1. Projects are greyed out when you ignore them in your IntelliJ workspace.

Ignored Projects

  1. To add those projects or modules back in your workspace, right click on them and click on unignore projects as shown in below screenshot.

Ignored Projects back in Workspace

  1. Alternatively, you can also go to File - Settings -> Build, execution and deployment -> Build Tools -> Maven -> Ignored Files, now select whichever projects/modules you may wish to retain in your IntelliJ workspace.

enter image description here

Feel free to ping in comments if more clarification required. Happy coding.

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    Do you know why this happens sporadically, that Intellij ignores modules? – Brain Feb 4 '19 at 8:25
  • should not happen. In fact app is more stable now. – Pratik Ambani Mar 13 '19 at 11:28
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    Spent a whole day not knowing what's happening with my workspace. This finally resolved it. But, I am not sure why it would ignore my mvn modules without me doing any action. I am using 2019.3 community edition. – Dravidian Aug 26 '20 at 20:50
  • Thank you @PratikAmbani, this does happen sporadically though, not sure why, it has happened three times already, the first time I had to create a new project, but this time I was deep in the project and everytime I create that specific module it shows ignored pom – James Okpe George Sep 24 '20 at 7:56
  • @JamesOkpeGeorge Glad it worked! Upvote would surely help if answer is correct :P – Pratik Ambani Sep 24 '20 at 9:51

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