I've installed Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise on my computer with the Installer and there are some optional options like the "Class-Diagram". I've checked it but it won't show up in my project templates.

Programm language: C#

Version VS 2017: 15.0.26228.9

Version VS Installer: 1.5.30308.1

VS Installer - Class Diagram is checked and already installed (Screenshot)

On the left hand side, we can't find the category "Model Project" like in VS 2015



It seems the 'modelling project' feature is removed from Visual Studio 2017. Reasons are given here https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/devops/2016/10/14/uml-designers-have-been-removed-layer-designer-now-supports-live-architectural-analysis/


Have you added the Visual Studio extension development?

Along with Class Designer, you have to include Visual Studio extension development also from the VS2017 installer.


If you have installed all the required things mentioned above and if you are still not seeing the Class Diagram from Solution Explorer , switch to Class View and then you will see the "View Class Diagram" option

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