i don't know why but some (not all) accents become black diamonds with question mark inside. This problem drive me crazy. My MySQL Database is utf-8 character and utf-8_general_ci collate. I use charset utf-8 but if last character is an accent become a black diamond. I really don't know why.

For example

Title: CTX-21 Alka + Incrementatore di alcalinità Become: CTX-21 Alka + Incrementatore di alcalinit�

Title: Title: CTX-21 Alka + Incrementatore di alcalinità. Become: Title: CTX-21 Alka + Incrementatore di alcalinità.

Lol.. why that??

Check my page as example:


Thank you


I has a similar problem;

In wp-config.php, the Database Charset was empty, looking like this:


Therefore, I included the charset inside it:

DB_CHARSET', 'utf8'

Afterwards, I deactivated and activated the theme, cleared the cache (using WP Super Cache) and the issue fixed.

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