I have been through the webextension documentation on MDN. I do know the Messaging Api used to communicate from content_script to background script. However, I want to communicate from popup script to background script.

My use case is:

How to communicate to background script from a script associated to popup.html page.

Let's say , manifest.json is


   "description": "Demonstrating toolbar buttons",
   "manifest_version": 2,
   "name": "button-demo",
   "version": "1.0",
   "permissions" : ["activeTab","currentWindow"],//
   "background": {
        "scripts": ["background.js"]

   "browser_action": {
   "browser_style": true,
   "default_popup": "popup.html",
   "default_icon": {
   "16": "icons/page-16.png",
   "32": "icons/page-32.png"


//background script is listening to 
browser.runtime.onMessage.addListener((sentMesssage) => 
    console.log('got the message: ',sentMessage.actualMessage);

popup.html is

     <script src = 'popup.js'></script>


My question stands here. Which method to use from the below options:

 browser.runtime.sendMessage({"actualMessage":"some message"});


var tabQ = browser.tabs.query({
   currentWindow: true,
   active: true

tabQ.then( (tabs)=>{
 browser.tabs.sentMessage(tab[0].id , {'actualMessage' : "some message"});
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  • @Makyen , I am sorry about the generic question provided before. I have however, provided the code example and a basic structure of the use case I wanted to ask. Could u please give your inputs. Thanks
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  • tabs.sentMessage() sends messages to content scripts, not scripts in the background context. It will not work to send a message from a popup to the background script. That is clearly stated in the proposed duplicate. Please read it. If you have questions after reading that answer, I'm happy to address them.
    – Makyen
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My question stands here. Which method to use from the below options:

You use browser.runtime.sendMessage({"actualMessage":"some message"});

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For a popup script (as opposed to content script - the thing you might run in the host tab window) ;

You can just put functions or variables in the background script and call/set/read those from the popup via a ref to the background window object.


let item = null ; //private to background script
function setItem(i){item = i;}
function getItem(){return item;}
var anotherItem ; // publicly available on background window object

var popUpEar ; // if you need to initiate communication from background - set in popup

function talkToPopUp(){
    popUpEar("listen to this!") ;

then in your popup you can do (using async/Promises)

function earToTheBackground(msg){
async function f(){
    let backgroundWindow  = await browser.runtime.getBackgroundPage();

    let local_item = backgroundWindow.getItem();
    backgroundWindow.setItem("something else");
    let local_anotherItem = backgroundWindow.anotherItem ;
    backgroundWindow.anotherItem = "something else again";

    backgroundWindow.popUpEar = earToTheBackground ;

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