So in the redux counter example, they dispatch the following action:

onIncrement={() => store.dispatch({ type: 'INCREMENT' })}

But now let's say my app becomes large. Then how do I know which action names are already taken? One way I could think of is to prefix the action with the name of the data it's modifying, so here

onIncrement={() => store.dispatch({ type: 'COUNTER_INCREMENT' })}

Another way would be to use typescript and define a union type

type reduxActions = 'COUNTER_INCREMENT' | 'COUNTER_DECREMENT' | ...

So what's the community approach for this?


Disclaimer: I am the main contributer on redux-subspace.

I created this library to solve this very problem (among other things). It can automatically namespace actions that are dispatched from within a subspace so you can break your app up into logical sections (you are probabaly already doing this with your react components) and use the action names that make sense, without having to worry about cross talk from other parts of your large application.

<SubspaceProvider mapState={(state) => state}, namespace='counter'>
    <Counter />

This way, the counter can continue to use INCREMENT and DECREMENT as can a different component (e.g. a Timer might also have a DECREMENT action) and both will be blissfully unaware of the other.

<SubspaceProvider mapState={(state) => state}, namespace='counter'>
    <Counter />
<SubspaceProvider mapState={(state) => state}, namespace='timer'>
    <Timer />

In fact, using redux-subspace, you can even drop multiple counters down on the same page without an issue. (Note: in this example you would need to change how the components map their state slightly)

<SubspaceProvider mapState={(state) => state.counter1}, namespace='counter1'>
    <Counter />
<SubspaceProvider mapState={(state) => state.counter2}, namespace='counter2'>
    <Counter />

TLDR: Creating a file containing action types, and only that, is one of the solutions that are commonly used.

Usually, it isn't too much of a problem if your code isn't a mess - well structured Redux apps have their actions / action creators kept in a separate folder, so checking if an action name is already taken should be a breeze.

To further prevent such problems with checking the unique-ness of an action name, you can export all of your action names to a file like constants/actionTypes.js.

Then, just export all of your action types.

export const increment = 'INCREMENT';
export const decrement = 'DECREMENT';

And import them later.

import { increment, decrement } from '../constants/actionTypes';
// or
import * as actionTypes from '../constants/actionTypes';

Now, if you'd try to redeclare a const with an action type name in the constants/actionTypes.js file, JavaScript would throw an Uncaught SyntaxError: Identifier 'constName' has already been declared error - this makes such flaws really easy to spot.

Simple as that.

  • Not sure this addresses the question, i.e. two action types with the same name. – JoeTidee Apr 5 '17 at 21:49
  • Well, you wouldn't be able to redeclare a const with the same name - JavaScript would throw an error if you'd declare a duplicate action type in your constants/actionTypes.js - this solves the OP's problem. Thanks for the remark, I've edited my answer. – macbem Apr 5 '17 at 22:34

You could also look at the redux-action-namespacer package.

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