I created a Dexterity content type and defined a simple schema:

class IMyType(model.Schema):
    myField = schema.TextLine(
            title=_(u"My Field:"),

Under Plone 4.3, Dexterity content types provide IContentType. However, under Plone 5.0.6 it seems that Dexterity content types do not provide IContentType and as such queryContentType(IMyType) returns 'None'.



returns 'False'.

Trying the same with a default content type also gives the same negative results.

Obviously, for my custom content type this can be resolved as follows:

from zope.interface import alsoProvides
class IMyType(model.Schema):
    myField = schema.TextLine(
            title=_(u"My Field:"),

alsoProvides(IMyType, IContentType)

queryContentType(IMyType) now returns the expected schema and IContentType.providedBy(IMyType) returns 'True'.

However, I would expect all Dexterity content types automatically providing IContentType. Am I expecting too much, or is this a bug in plone.dexterity and/or Plone 5.x ?

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  • You may want to clarify why you need this? I have answered how to get IContentType for purposes of developing an add-on, but this (zope.app.content) is no longer shipped out of the box. What is your use case for checking whether an interface is a content type interface (vs. something else)?
    – sdupton
    Mar 27, 2017 at 18:50
  • King Kim, thanks for forwarding to the forum. Moving forward I will post my questions there.
    – Eric R.
    Jun 1, 2017 at 5:14

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plone.dexterity 2.0+ only has a "soft dependency" on zope.app.content, and your build does not have it installed. Your add-on can have the desired interface provided on content type interfaces if you add zope.app.content to your setup.py install_requires and pin a version (3.5.1) in your buildout. Should you do this, all your content type schema/interface classes will provide IContentType.


Sorry for my late reply. The reason why I need this, is because I have created a CSV/PDF export utility, where a user can export objects per their requirements. For that reason I need to acquire the schema of a content type to create the header row of the CSV file and populate the table. In my Plone 4.3 site I did this by means of:

from zope.app.content import queryContentType
from zope.schema import getFieldsInOrder

schema = queryContentType(obj)
fields = getFieldNamesInOrder(schema)
# Write header
    for field in fields:
        fields = getFieldNamesInOrder(schema)

    # Write body
    for item in results:
        obj = item.getObject()
        for field in fields:
            value = getattr(obj, field)

            ## some conditioning stuff here....
            if type(value) not in (str, bool, list, unicode, datetime.date, datetime.datetime):
                value = ''
            if type(value) is datetime.date:
                value = str(value)
            if type(value) is datetime.datetime:
                value = str(value)
                value = value[:-7]
            if type(value) is bool:
                value = str(value)
            if type(value) is list:
                newvalue = ''
                for item in value:
                    newvalue = newvalue + str(item) + ';'
                value = newvalue
            if value is None:
                value = ''

            valuestring = value.encode('utf-8')

This only works if the object provides IContentType and thus zope.app.content is required. Please see https://docs.plone.org/external/plone.app.dexterity/docs/reference/manipulating-content-objects.html#object-introspection

It may be helpful to have the documentation updated, indicating that zope.app.content is no longer shipped out of the box. If there is a more up-to-date method to obtain an object's schema that would not require zope.app.content, please let me know!



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