I'm using JMeter 3.1 to run a http-endpoint test & I need to extract a very small portion of the return JSON I receive.

I'm using the JSON Extractor postprocessor element & JSONPath expressions to find my value. This post does a really good job of explaining how to assign the value I'm looking for to a runtime variable.

However it stops short of explaining how to save said variable to an output file. I can check to make sure that I've pulled the data using an assertion rule; I can even save the true/false value of that check. Saving the variable itself however, seems less straightforward.

I have 3 ideas and am likely going to spend the next few hours exploring them & checking this thread. So,

Will any of these work?:

  • Figure out what "Sub Results" means to JMeter and see if I can get my JSON snippet there.
  • Make another sampler that (somehow) just reads & returns a variable I pass it at runtime, whenever a thread executes.
  • Figure out if "Assertion Results" is capable of saving anything other than "TRUE" or "FALSE."
  • While we're at it, I'm going to see what these friggin mean'

Here's an image!


Add the next lines to user.properties file (located in "bin" folder of JMeter installation)


Next time you run your test you will see your variable value appended to .jtl results file.

Reference material:

  • Thissssss answer is terrific and a very precise distillation of what I just spent my sunday on. Thank you sir. gd it I wish you were here 4 hours ago but thank you(>_<). – Rob Truxal Mar 27 '17 at 4:37

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