I am Getting "System.Collection.Generic.RandomizedStringEqualityComparer is not a GenericTypeDefinition.MakeGenericType may not be called on a type for which Type.IsGenericTypeDefinition is true." error while creating Visual C++ Win32 Console Application. enter image description here

This is the ScreenShot of that error.


Rather than completely uninstalling, a better solution for this is to clear off the Component Model Cache in %USER_PATH%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\VisualStudio\11.0\ComponentModelCache.

After deleting the cache folder, just relaunch Visual Studio 2012 once again, and build your project.

Worked for me.

  • Thanks. I faced with similar problem and you solution helped – bruziuz Oct 1 '18 at 11:45

I saw this problem too. What helped me was that I uninstalled Visual Studio 2012 and then installed it again... In my solution files there were C# and C++ projects and only the C++ project gave that error above (again - it was resolved when I re-installed VS2012).


This will happened to me also.. when i cleared Temp files in windows.. simply reinstall the product and make sure.. it will not happened next time.. i already have vs 2015 so simply updated IDE it will automatically install require files....

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