I would like to use Travis to test two projects in one Repo.
The GIT-repository's directories currently look like this:

-- server-application
-- client-application

My server-application is built using the Playframework and the client-application is built for Android. In my case, it makes more sense to put both projects in one git-repository, but I still want to test the server and the Android application separately (or at least make the tests run for both projects).

The main problems I see here:

  • PlayFramework uses SBT and Android uses Gradle.
  • I dont think the server-application will use the same testing framework as the client-application.

What I've done to solve this is to have a master branch with all the projects, as you normally would. But I create branches for each build type. So I have for instance a "java" branch and an "android" branch. Those branches only contain a very minimal travis.yml like the following java branch:

language: java

  - git config remote.origin.fetch +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/*
  - git fetch
  - git checkout master

script: ./run_tests.sh java

Now what this does is basically to set the build type to "java". This means I have java installed etc. Then it will checkout the master branch (where all the code lives) and execute my build script "./run_tests.sh" with the language to build as a parameter. In this case Java. I have a similar branch for other languages.

This is not pretty, and it makes it harder to automate the flow, but it is the only way I've found so far of building a mono repo project with different tech stacks on Travis.

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