I have created a simple single-step Spring batch job that reads items from a DB, processes them and writes the result to a csv. During runtime I end up with a

org.springframework.batch.item.WriterNotOpenException: Writer must be open before it can be written to

The relevant code:

public class CleanEmailJob {

private JobBuilderFactory jobBuilderFactory;

private StepBuilderFactory stepBuilderFactory;

public DataSource dataSource;

public ResourcelessTransactionManager transactionManager() {
    return new ResourcelessTransactionManager();

public MapJobRepositoryFactoryBean mapJobRepositoryFactory(ResourcelessTransactionManager txManager)
        throws Exception {
    MapJobRepositoryFactoryBean factory = new MapJobRepositoryFactoryBean(txManager);
    return factory;

public JobRepository jobRepository(MapJobRepositoryFactoryBean factory) throws Exception {
    return factory.getObject();

public JobExplorer jobExplorer(MapJobRepositoryFactoryBean factory) {
    return new SimpleJobExplorer(factory.getJobInstanceDao(), factory.getJobExecutionDao(),
            factory.getStepExecutionDao(), factory.getExecutionContextDao());

public SimpleJobLauncher jobLauncher(JobRepository jobRepository) {
    SimpleJobLauncher launcher = new SimpleJobLauncher();
    return launcher;

public Job cleanEmailAddressesJob() throws Exception {
    return jobBuilderFactory.get("cleanEmailAddresses")
            .incrementer(new RunIdIncrementer())

public Step processEmailAddresses() throws UnexpectedInputException, ParseException, Exception {
    return stepBuilderFactory.get("processAffiliates")
            .<AffiliateEmailAddress, VerifiedAffiliateEmailAddress> chunk(10)

public ItemWriter<VerifiedAffiliateEmailAddress> report(){
    FlatFileItemWriter<VerifiedAffiliateEmailAddress> reportWriter = new FlatFileItemWriter<VerifiedAffiliateEmailAddress>();
    reportWriter.setResource(new ClassPathResource("report.csv"));
    DelimitedLineAggregator<VerifiedAffiliateEmailAddress> delLineAgg = new DelimitedLineAggregator<VerifiedAffiliateEmailAddress>();
    BeanWrapperFieldExtractor<VerifiedAffiliateEmailAddress> fieldExtractor = new BeanWrapperFieldExtractor<VerifiedAffiliateEmailAddress>();
    fieldExtractor.setNames(new String[] {"uniekNr", "reason"});
    return reportWriter;

As described in the documentation I would expect the lifecycle events(open, close) are automatically taken care of since I am in a single threaded and single writer job?

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    Change the return type of your report method to FlatFileItemWriter<VerifiedAffiliateEmailAddress>.
    – M. Deinum
    Mar 27 '17 at 10:17
  • Add full stack trace instead of a snippet.
    – M. Deinum
    Mar 27 '17 at 10:39

To elaborate on the comment left, Spring Batch will register any ItemStream implementations automatically when it finds them so that they will be automatically opened when the step begins. When using java config, Spring only knows what the return type is. Since you are returning ItemReader, we don't know that your implementation also implements ItemStream. When using java config, I usually recommend returning the implementation if it's known (instead of the interface). That allows Spring to introspect it fully. So in this example, returning FlatFileItemReader instead of ItemReader will fix the issue.


Finally it turned out to be the Spring Dev Tools interfering with my batch application. The report.csv is in my classpath, when writing to the report file, Spring Dev Tools detects a change in my classpath and triggers a reload of the application causing the report.csv resource being closed...


in my application.properties made it work again

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