I have an ACF field that is a file upload. I am able to get the attachment ID. However in my twig template I am not able to output the filesize as this is not available via ACF.

There is a function I have found:

$context['filesize'] = (filesize( get_attached_file(the_attachment_id_here))/1000 );

but what I really need it for it to be in twig loop.

I have tried in my template:

 {% for item in posts %} 
{{function(filesize( get_attached_file(item.get_field('pdf').id))/1000 )}}
{% endfor %

but it returns an error filesize unknown function.

Any help would be amazing!


Ooof, that's a nasty one —

the real best way would be...

First make a custom class for your Posts. Add a method to do the fetching and converting you're looking for ...

class MyPost extends \Timber\Post {

  function pdf_filesize() {
    $pdf = $this->get_field('pdf');
    //you may need to convert the value of $pdf into an array...
    $file = get_attached_file($pdf['id']);
    return filesize($file) / 1000;

And then anywhere you're fetching posts, use MyPost instead...

$context['posts'] = Timber::get_posts(null, 'MyPost');

In the Twig file...

{% for post in posts %}
  File size is {{ post.pdf_filesize }}
{% endfor %}

If you just need to hack it...

{% for item in posts %} 
    {{ function(
          'filesize', function(
              'get_attached_file', item.get_field('pdf').id
        ) / 1000 }}
{% endfor % }
  • Thanks so much @Jared! Really appreciate you taking the time to answer this. I used the hack version but will try your recommended version as nice to learn how this works – michaelstory Mar 30 '17 at 0:31

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