I'm coding a program and i need to know if a BST is symmetric in its structure

public void traverse (Layer root){     

     if (root.leftChild != null){ 
         traverse (root.leftChild);           
     if (root.rightChild != null){
         traverse (root.rightChild);

I have the traverse code but i dont know how to check if it is symmetric

Thanks for the help


I learned how to do this during school, and this is what I did. I learned it from a website I can't remember, but I kept the comments in it.

boolean isMirror(Node node1, Node node2) 
        // if both trees are empty, then they are mirror image
        if (node1 == null && node2 == null)
            return true;

        // For two trees to be mirror images, the following three
        // conditions must be true
        // 1 - Their root node's key must be same
        // 2 - left subtree of left tree and right subtree
        //      of right tree have to be mirror images
        // 3 - right subtree of left tree and left subtree
        //      of right tree have to be mirror images
        if (node1 != null && node2 != null && node1.key == node2.key)
            return (isMirror(node1.left, node2.right)
                    && isMirror(node1.right, node2.left));

        // if neither of the above conditions is true then
        // root1 and root2 are mirror images
        return false;
boolean isSymmetric(Node node) 
        // check if tree is mirror of itself
        return isMirror(node, node);
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    hey thank you, its easy to understand – fabian bohorquez Mar 28 '17 at 3:47
public boolean isSymmetric(Layer root) {
    return root == null || isSymmetric(root.left, root.right);

public boolean isSymmetric(Layer left, Layer right) {
    if (left == null && right == null) return true;
    return left != null && right != null && left.val == right.val && isSymmetric(left.left, right.right) && isSymmetric(left.right, right.left);

I suppose that you mean that tree is symmetric if it is form a "mirror" of itself

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  • Yeah. Same answer I flagged as a duplicate, though – cricket_007 Mar 28 '17 at 0:46
  • I see. There is no room for other solution I guess. – wbars Mar 28 '17 at 0:47
  • hey thank you very much – fabian bohorquez Mar 28 '17 at 3:47

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