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Best C++ IDE for *nix

Which IDE for Gnome version of Ubuntu is the best for C++ development?

So far I'm using Anjuta but I am curious if there is anything better.

It would be a plus if it also supported other languages like Python/PHP.

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I think Eclipse + CDT is the best you can get on Linux. It's pretty stable and performance not that bad. And you get all the bonuses like suggestions, type hierarchy, etc.


Definitely kdevelop. It's a KDE app, so if you're fine with downloading KDE libraries, then I highly suggest KDevelop.

alt text

It supposedly has really good PHP support, and some beta support for python, but I haven't tried either.

For python I use pydev on Eclipse.

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    +1 - KDevelop's far nicer for C++ than either Eclipse or Netbeans IME – Stuart Golodetz Nov 29 '10 at 18:11

You might want to look into using Eclipse with Eclipse CDT or Netbeans with Netbeans C++ features

Eclipse can work with PHP and Python

Netbeans has a Python plugin and PHP plugin.


Eclipse CDT. Best there is for C++ in terms of features (the second after that is Visual C++ Enterprise with some third-party commercial plug-ins like VAX, but that's not for Linux); you also have plugins for PHP, Python, whatever you need.


I have netbeans working fine. I prefer it over many others, but I still revert to using a command line and text editor often. It can handle c++ and python. Don't really know about php.

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