Is it possible to create join query in subclass of Hanami::Repository?

I found that this pull request implements this feature but I can't find it in current codebase.


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Hanami model based on rom, that's why you can use Relation#join method with a needful relation.

For this you need to call join method for one relation and set other relation as an attribute:

class PostRepository < Hanami::Repository
  associations do
    has_many :comments

  # ...

  def join_example(date_range)
    posts    # => posts relation
    comments # => comments relation

      .join(comments) # set relation object here
      .where(comments[:created_at].qualified => date_range)

And that's all.

Some helpful links:

  1. rom-sql tests for left_join
  2. A real example
  • He can also do this as aggregate(:comments).where(comments[:created_at].qualified => date_range).as(Post).to_a since he has the one-to-many association defined.
    – Mereghost
    May 9, 2017 at 21:51

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