I'm using OpenCV and PIL in Python. I have 96 circles detected with their center coordinates and radios. I need the average RGB from each circles.

Each circle has 6000 pixels, so I thinks iterate one to one it is not efficient.

How can I extract the average RGB from each circle? I am ready to use any other library if it suits my use-case.

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Finally I get it, this is the solution:

circle_img = np.zeros((color_img.shape[0],color_img.shape[1]), np.uint8) #Creamos mascara (matriz de ceros) del tamano de la imagen original
cv2.circle(circle_img,(x_center,y_center),radio,(255,255,255),-1) #Pintamos los circulos en la mascara
datos_rgb = cv2.mean(color_img, mask=circle_img)[::-1]

You can use openCV library

All of these steps is supported by openCV.

  • Thanks a lot but it does not work, I'm getting this error: error: (-215) (mask.type() == CV_8UC1 || mask.type() == CV_8SC1) in function binary_op And my code is: mask = np.zeros(color_img.shape, np.uint8) cv2.circle(mask,(key[0][0],key[0][1]),radio_medio,255,thickness=-1) masked_data = cv2.bitwise_and(color_img, color_img, mask=mask) mean = cv2.mean(color_img, mask=masked_data) print(mean)
    – Jota
    Mar 29, 2017 at 15:08

Maybe too specific, but if you are using keypoints (by the way, this is just a "pretty" version from @Jota's answer):

def average_keypoint_value(canvas,keypoints):
    average_value = []
    if canvas.ndim == 2:
        nchannels = 1
    elif canvas.ndim > 2:
        nchannels = canvas.shape[-1]
    for keypoint in keypoints:
        circle_x =      int(keypoint.pt[0])
        circle_y =      int(keypoint.pt[1])
        circle_radius=  int(keypoint.size/2)
        #copypasta from https://stackoverflow.com/a/43170927/2594947
        circle_img = np.zeros((canvas.shape[:2]), np.uint8)
        datos_rgb = cv2.mean(canvas, mask=circle_img)

Just leaving it here in case someone else wants a function for this.

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