So I've been struggling to get this to work. Essentially I'm building a chat app and relying on an childAdded observer to check for new messages. In my iOS App I'm using the following:

//Get ref to users chat node
let messagesRef = dbRef.child("chats").child(self.userId)
//Only get most recent message

let messageQuery = messagesRef.queryOrdered(byChild: "messageTimeStamp").queryLimited(toLast: 1)

// Listen for new messages (last 1) being written to the Firebase DB
messageQuery.observe(.childAdded, with: { (snapshot) -> Void in...

This works fine when the user adds a message to /chat/uid. But when I add a child node from firebase admin (node js) the observer is never fired.

This is how I'm adding a message from the server side:

ref.child('chats/'+ uid).push(message);

The message is properly added to the tree, but no observer is ever fired.

Try as I might, and after a dozen tweaks that produced no difference, I'm sure I'm missing something simple. Help!


Solved it just after posting the question...typical! Adding .set seems to make the observer work, even though the documentation states it's identical.

This works:

ref.child('chats/'+ uid).push().set(message);

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