I have an AWS account where multiple EC2 instances, load balancers, target groups, security groups etc are setup by multiple owners. We use terraform to set this up but sometimes due to corruption, the state becomes inconsistent. Current mechanism to recover is to manually destroy all resources in that account owned by a particular owner. Is there an easy way to nuke all resources in an AWS account belonging to a particular owner?


Short answer: no.

Longer answer: actually, that's also no. There's no built-in capabillity for this.

The case you're describing is not within the bounds of typical AWS usage... destroying everything in an account -- usually -- should not be easy.

Of course, you could script it, fairly trivially, by wrapping calls to aws-cli to custom code to iterate through the resources and generate additional requests to destroy them... but if you do, lock that code away, since such capability is inherently dangerous.


Agree with the other answer that there is no easy way delete orphan resources.

But I see the original issue is that the terraform state is corrupted. You can checkout the terraform import feature which lets you generate state file from aws resources. In that way you can connect your config to resources again.

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