I have a new channel with no videos uploaded yet. When I tried uploading some 500 videos I had using the YouTube Data API, the upload process stopped after about 50 videos. I do not understand how my quota limit reached 300,000 (the per 100 second default limit) as the quota required for uploading 1 video is just 1600. I have to upload around 500-600 videos every day as the nature of my business is such. Please help.

[RequestError] Server response: {
 "error": {
  "errors": [
    "domain": "youtube.video",
    "reason": "uploadLimitExceeded",
    "message": "The user has exceeded the number of videos they may upload."
  "code": 400,
  "message": "The user has exceeded the number of videos they may upload."

This is a user based quota and not a project based quota. It has nothing to do with what you are seeing on the Google Developer console.

The quota used to be:

400 video uploads, 1500 write operations, and 50,000 read operations that each retrieve two resource parts.

Google has apparently changed how the quota works. A user can upload 50 videos then only one video every 15 minutes until the quota resets. Quota resets at midnight west cost USA time.

I have an email out to the team looking for feed back on this.

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