I updated Xcode to Version 8.3 (8E162) and in my unit test file I have this warning:

Implicit import of bridging header 'myframe-Bridging-Header.h' via module 'myframe' is deprecated and will be removed in a later version of Swift

on this line:

@testable import myframe

How to fix this warning?


That article helped me to fix the warning: https://bugs.swift.org/browse/SR-3801

I selected:

chain the import by adding #import "App-Bridging-Header.h" to any existing unit test bridging header you have

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So it has nothing to do with that line per se (which threw me for a loop) and you are not supposed to change it. What is happening is that the @testable import would normally automatically import the module bridging header as well and now it does not anymore.

Like SR-3801 says the solution is to either:

  1. explicitly import the App bridging header into your unit tests (via a build setting) or
  2. chain the import by adding #import "App-Bridging-Header.h" to any existing unit test bridging header you have

I already had a Test-Bridging-Header.h where I added #import "MODULE-Bridging-Header.h" as part of solution 2 which I think is preferable. Now the test bridging header chains in the module bridging header and the warning disappears.

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A bit of a different case (framework and no unit-test) :

I had a project combining Swift and ObjC (Meaning I already had a bridge-header). Project embeded a 3rd party framework. The warning yielded as the framework was added (shouting on their's bridge header). I just imported their header inside my existing bridge-header:

#import <ThirdPartyFramework/ThirdPartyFramework-Bridging-Header.h>

And warning suppressed.

Xcode 9.4.1 Swift 4.1

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