We build nugets containing our app-specific native binaries. We're pretty much just using nugets as a file transport mechanism though; we adjust the Xamarin projects to point to the the extracted libWhatever.so files in the packages/ directory, and mark them as EmbeddedNativeLibraries.

This works, but it feels much more like a hack than an actual solution.

So what is the right way to do this? All the existing nuget documentation I've found assumes that native binaries are Windows dlls - certainly not useful in an Android context.

We need to be able include multiple architectures in the nugets, of course; armeabi, armeabi-v7a, x86, etc. Can't include Windows nastiness like powershell, either, since we mostly work on macs (Some threads I've seen in other places thought that fixing things up with powershell scripts embedded in the nuget might be the way to go).

Update: there's a relevant discussion at https://forums.xamarin.com/discussion/35517/is-it-possible-to-include-native-libraries-automatically-from-a-nuget-package


Do it with a custom .targets in your Nuget's build directory that adds your shared library into your Android project's as AndroidNativeLibrary items. When you add the Nuget to your project, the target gets added to your .csproj and you are all set...


To include libDNAGenetics.so into an Xamarin.Android project's as AndroidNativeLibrary build items, create a .targets that includes:

    <_DNAGeneticNugetNativePath Condition="'$(_DNAGeneticNugetNativePath)' == ''">$(MSBuildThisFileDirectory)..\native\</_DNAGeneticNugetNativePath>

  <ItemGroup Condition="'$(TargetFrameworkIdentifier)' == 'MonoAndroid'">
    <AndroidNativeLibrary Include="$(_DNAGeneticNugetNativePath)android\armeabi-v7a\libDNAGenetics.so">
    <AndroidNativeLibrary Include="$(_DNAGeneticNugetNativePath)android\x86\libDNAGenetics.so">
    <AndroidNativeLibrary Include="$(_DNAGeneticNugetNativePath)android\arm64-v8a\libDNAGenetics.so">
    <AndroidNativeLibrary Include="$(_DNAGeneticNugetNativePath)android\x86_64\libDNAGenetics.so">
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  • Thanks, this is pointing me in the right direction. Next thing is to figure out how to tell if the nuget is included in a library (meaning you have to replace all the AndroidNativeLibrary elements with EmbeddedNativeLibrary) or an app (in which case the xml you have does the right thing). – James Moore Apr 3 '17 at 17:49
  • @JamesMoore Use a Condition in include/exclude a block within the .targets that checks if one of the ProjectTypeGuids includes EFBA0AD7-5A72-4C68-AF49-83D382785DC (Xamarin.Android) and if AndroidApplication exists and set to true (Note: AndroidApplication is not included by default in library projects, but to be safe, check if it exists AND if it is set to true to determine if you are within an Android application vs. library) – SushiHangover Apr 3 '17 at 18:24

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