I have a rule in my Makefile. Within this rule I need to manipulate some docker specific things so I need to get the id of the container in a portable way. In addition, I am using Docker Compose. Here is what I have that doesn't work.

a-rule: some deps
    $(shell uuid="$(docker-compose ps -q myService)" docker cp "$$uuid":/a/b/c .)

I receive no errors or output, but I do not get a successful execution.

My goal is to get the uuid of the container that myService is running in and then use that uuid to copy a file from the container to my docker host.

edit: the following works, but I'm still wondering if its possible to do inline variable settings

uuid=$(shell docker-compose ps -q myService)
a-rule: some deps
    docker cp "$(uuid)":/a/b/c .

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I ran into the same problem and realised that makefiles take output from shell variables with the use of $$. So I tried that and this should work for you:

a-rule: some deps
    uuid=$$(docker-compose ps -q myService);\ 
    docker cp "$$uuid":/a/b/c .

Bit late to the party but I hope this helps someone.


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