i am developing an android application using android studio 2.3. I added google map activity to my project using built in add activity dialog.

When i check the google map api key it is saved in a separate xml file inside values folder but under debug varient. I need to add a new api key that is going to use only for relase mode (builds). How do i add such a separate api key xml file for release mode as well?

Thanks in advance!!


Just create same xml file in release folder.

You're default debug key is probably in file project_location/src/debug/res/values/some_file_name.xml.

You need to create same file in project_location/src/release/res/values/some_file_name.xml And put you'r release key there.





android {

    buildTypes {
        debug {
            resValue "string", "google_maps_api_key", "[YOUR DEBUG KEY]"
        release {
            resValue "string", "google_maps_api_key", "[YOUR RELEASE KEY]"

Recreate the debug and\or release folder structure in the same folder as your "main" one. Any files placed here will replace the ones in main depending on the build type.

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