I am using wxSQLite3 (part of wxWidgets) to access a SQLite database. Everything works fine, but now I need to add a cutsom function to SQLite. Since everything in the code is done through wxSQLite3, I'd like to use wxSQLite3 interface to add the function and not the normal C SQLite API. Following the documentation, I've declared a class that inherits wxSQLite3ScalarFunction:

class checkDateFun : public wxSQLite3ScalarFunction {
    void Execute(wxSQLite3FunctionContext& ctx);

and override the pure virtual wxSQLite3ScalarFunction::Execute() method as follows

void checkDateFun::Execute(wxSQLite3FunctionContext& ctx)
    wxString date1 = ctx.GetString(0);
    wxString date2 = ctx.GetString(1);

    //some checks on dates


Then, during database creation, I register the function doing

checkDateFun fun;
bool regOk = m_db->CreateFunction("CheckDate", 2, fun);

but when I later try to make a query that uses the function, I get this error: "Exception thrown: read access violation. func-> was 0xFFFFFFFFFFFF7".

What am I doing wrong? Thanks for your help and time.

  • Just a note: wxSQLite3 is a component built using wxWidgets, not part of wxWidgets.
    – catalin
    Mar 31, 2017 at 12:22

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I figured it out! I had to declare checkDateFun fun as a member of the class that creates the database, and then pass the member to CreateFunction. Indeed, I was instantiating my checkDateFun inside the function that creates the database, but the checkDateFun destructor will be called on exiting that function and further SQL queries will point to nowhere. Hope this can help somebody, though I was making quite a stupid mistake ;-)

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