I'm running:

python Parser.py "Bot Pick Nut"

In linux command line via MobaXterm. This works as intended, it returns True. The issue I face is when run via the shell script it returns false? Can anyone advice why my shell is not giving the result to my python script correctly?

The Script:

python Parser.py argv[0]

The command:

 ./Shell.sh "Bot Pick Nut"

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The bash positional parameters start from $0 with $1 being the first argument for the script, subsequently numbered from $2..$n with $0 being the name of the script itself.

python Parser.py "$1"

A simple tabulation of the arguments in bash,

$0              the first positional parameter, equivalent to argv[0] in C, see the first argument
$FUNCNAME       the function name (attention: inside a function, $0 is still the $0 of the shell, not the function name)
$1 … $9        the argument list elements from 1 to 9
${10} … ${N}   the argument list elements beyond 9 (note the parameter expansion syntax!)
$*              all positional parameters except $0, see mass usage
$@              all positional parameters except $0, see mass usage
$#              the number of arguments, not counting $0
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