I have like 1 hour of SSIS experience so I do not know why this is failing.

I am following this guide.

However when I get to the Foreach loop editor screen section and pick "Foreach ADO enumerator" I cannot see the ADO Object source variable section.

enter image description here

The screen should look like this

enter image description here

Any ideas?

I am using Visual Studio 2015 and a release candidate of SSDT so this may be an issue.

I have followed all steps correctly and have seen no errors in previous steps


I searched for this issue and i found two simple suggestions:

  • Try running visual studio in Safe mode using this command (this issue can be caused by a third-party add-on)

    devenv.exe /safemode
  • Try repairing your SQL Server Data Tools installation or Download the Latest release


I had the same issue; here's how I solved it:

If your package was developed in SQL 2014:

Right click Solution in Solution Explorer of Data Tools ->

Properties -> Configuration Properties -> General -> Change Target Version.


The SSIS ADO Enumerator was blank for me too.

For the latest version of SSDT [Release 17.0] [Build 14.0] the Project Level default TargetServerVerion is SQL Server vNext. That doesn't work.

enter image description here

Changing this to any other value was the fix for me.

Solution Explorer Window -> Right-click Project -> Properties -> Configuration Properties -> General -> TargetServerVersion = SQL Server 2016

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