I have a Winform Gui that serves various purposes. I am creating an additional plugin, that if present, adds another tabpage to my tabcontrol and then adds the required controls, etc.

My question is, am I best coding this into the main app, ie 'if dll present create this view' or should I code it into the dll and use reflection? Is it possible using reflection?


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You should maybe look into existing framework that does exactly what you are looking for. For exemple, Managed Extensibility Framework MEF

MEF presents a simple solution for the runtime extensibility problem. Until now, any application that wanted to support a plugin model needed to create its own infrastructure from scratch. Those plugins would often be application-specific and could not be reused across multiple implementations. MEF provides a standard way for the host application to expose itself and consume external extensions. Extensions, by their nature, can be reused amongst different applications. However, an extension could still be implemented in a way that is application-specific. Extensions themselves can depend on one another and MEF will make sure they are wired together in the correct order (another thing you won't have to worry about). MEF offers a set of discovery approaches for your application to locate and load available extensions.

Or if you need to be in seperate app domain, you can use Managed Addin Framework MAF

But in your case I think MEF should do the trick. Might be overkill though if you just have this one scenario ... but it's an option.


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