it cant be that difficult, but I'm always getting the default mongoose 11000 error.

Here is a simplified version of my code:


import mongoose from 'mongoose';
import uniqueValidator from 'mongoose-unique-validator';

const UserSchema = new mongoose.Schema({
  email: {
    type: String,
    index: true,
    trim: true,
    unique: true,
    uniqueCaseInsensitive: true,
    required: true


var data = {email: 'info@foobar.com'};
var user = new User(data);
user.save(function (err) {

but then I'm always getting this

  "code": 11000,
  "index": 0,
  "errmsg": "E11000 duplicate key error collection: portfolio:27017.users index: email_1 dup key: { : \"info@foobar.com\" }",
  "op": {
    "email": "info@foobar.com",
    "_id": "58de95892be2a000d27ee3bc",
    "__v": 0

instead of something like this

    message: 'Validation failed',
    name: 'ValidationError',
    errors: {
        username: {
            message: 'Error, expected `username` to be unique. Value: `JohnSmith`',
            name: 'ValidatorError',
            kind: 'mongoose-unique-validator',
            path: 'username',
            value: 'JohnSmith'

You dont need it.
Actually, unique option for validation working,how?
Follow these steps:
1)set unique: true for certain field in schema(example "email")
2)drop whole db
3)restart node server
4)test in postman and you will see than now works


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