Do you have any idea of an easy way to modify input image size of a saved model in Keras? For example the training input image size is 32x32, but in test I would like to input the full image 180x180. The model has been saved and at test loaded as the following: json_file = open('autoencoder64a.json', 'r') loaded_model_json = json_file.read() json_file.close() loaded_model = model_from_json(loaded_model_json) # load weights into new model loaded_model.load_weights("autoencoder64a.h5")

Many thanks, Tina


Is this a fully convolutional net? Otherwise you will not be able to reuse it with different input size, as this will change the number of weights in the non-convolutional layers.

If it is indeed a FCN, you only need to change the first and last line in the code defining the model:

    input_layer = Input((180,180))
    #All other layers copied here from your old model, 
    #ending with 'last_layer =...'
    new_model = Model(input_layer, last_layer)

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