I saw that VS2010 creates some files in the solution folder(.sdf, .suo, .ipch, etc). Is it possible to change the folder where these files are created?



The ipch folder is created by the IntelliSense system and it's location cannot be changed on a per-solution basis. However, you can have VS 2010 store all of your projects' ipch folders in your %TEMP%\VC++ folder. Select Tools > Options > Text Editor > C/C++ > Advanced. Once there, you'll see a Fallback Location section. Change Always Use Fallback Location to True. Leave Fallback Location blank and it will put them in your %TEMP% folder. Once you've changed that, you can remove your ipch folder and your *.sdf & *.opensdf files. They will be recreated in the fall-back location. Note, you may want to backup those files if you're picky about the window layout, etc for the project.

I learned this from this MSDN Blog Post. Also note that a *.suo file will still be created in the same location as your solution. I'm not sure how to change that.

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    I did what you suggested and it did not work, possibly because my temp folder is on a ramdisk formatted with FAT32. (upon startup visual studio was popping up a message saying intellisense would not be available due to inability to create some file there.) I specified the fallback location to be C:\ and this got rid of the error message, but nothing new showed up on the root of my drive C:. A search for *.ipch yields nothing. The build is very fast though, which probably means that the precompiled header file is being used. I am totally confused. – Mike Nakis May 17 '13 at 17:29

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