tensorboard --logdir=./model/ted500/summaries

Starting TensorBoard 28 on port 6006

Sometimes it shows the url here and some times it's stuck there. I'm new to tensorboard, so have followed couple of tutorials in order to run it but seems its still not working.

Can someone please advice how to launch tensorboard ?


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Generally we launch Tensorboard by writing:-

tensorboard --logdir='/your/path/here'

It may happen that some processes are using the port currently you are invoking for tensorboard. So, you can try changing the port at which tensorboard starts by writing:-

tensorboard --logdir='/your/path/here' --port=xxxx

write any unused port (Range:0 to 65535) in place of xxxx.

You can see the logs of tensorboard in terminal by writing:-

tensorboard --logdir='/your/path/here' --port=xxxx --debug

maybe it could help you.

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