I have been coding up a localhost, and I made the localhost by using of course a JavaScript file to do so, and I then made it reference an HTML file. However, I noticed that when I am using localhost to serve up the HTML file I get this error:

"GET http://localhost:3333/filetesting.js"

The filetesting.js is that js file, there are also other things I'm referencing too, like websites. I'm referencing it by using script tag src.

I looked at the network on developer tools of it and it says it's a 404 error not found. I'm trying to figure out how to reference my script tag src's without having localhost:3333 go before it.

When I run the HTML file without using the localhost, it works just fine when it comes to the script tag src's. If you do not entirely understand what I'm asking for, just ask.

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    Welcome to StackOverflow! How exactly are you referencing this script? In order for us to help you better, please update your question so that it shows all relevant code in a minimal, complete, and verifiable example :) – Obsidian Age Apr 2 '17 at 22:03
  • Did you configure and run a web server on your computer? And put your JS file in the directory served by this web server? – Pascal Le Merrer Apr 2 '17 at 22:03

Assuming that your script will always reside in the root level of your website, you can simply target it with the root-relative prefix /:

<script src="/filetesting.js"></script>

This will load your script from the root, regardless of the site the file is hosted on. For example, on http://localhost:3333/ it will load the file from http://localhost:3333/filetesting.js, and from http://localhost:3333/folder/, it will attempt to load the file from the same location.

If you move your files over to a proper website, it will still work the same way: www.example.com will look for the file at www.example.com/filetesting.js, and www.example.com/folder/ will look for the same file at www.example.com/filetesting.js.

Hope this helps! :)

  • Thanks! This helped! – Klinux Apr 2 '17 at 22:24
  • Glad to hear this solution appears to have worked for you. Once you've confirmed this solution solves your problem, please don't forget to mark the solution as correct by clicking on the grey check below the vote buttons -- this removes it from the 'Unanswered Questions' queue, and awards reputation to both the question asker and question answerer. Of course, in saying that, you are under no obligation to mark my answer (or any other answer) as correct, though it does help to keep things flowing smoothly :) – Obsidian Age Apr 2 '17 at 22:25

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