So I have an element in my Thymeleaf template which has a link looking like that:

th:href="@{'/search/'+${searchType}(parameter1=${parameter1}, ... parameter10=${parameter10})}"

According to the current implementation the parameter1...10 can have values that I don't want to include in the href. For example, if it's id, it can be -1, which means that no id chosen, so this parameter have to be omitted to avoid clattering the url string, so instead of


get just clean


How this can be achieved? I tried this:


But this expression causes exception:

org.thymeleaf.exceptions.TemplateProcessingException: Could not parse as expression:

I tried this:


But then the result is still not acceptable:


So what is the correct way to eliminate undesirable parameters from the url?

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Looks like I did more research and found a way. The key word is: preprocessing. This is the link. So for my purposes the following expression works:


Short explanation: surround the expression with double underscores __(${parameter1}=='-1'?','parameter1=${parameter1})__, and then the surrounded expression will only be added if it evaluates to non-empty string. In the case of url parameters ',' evaluates to two empty parameters and not added.


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