I am new to StringTemplate template engine and want to use it for generating an html document with a table. I want to alter the style of the table rows depending on whether it is odd or even. I found a discussion on the stringtemplate-interest mailing list that describes the general approach ([stringtemplate-interest] Odd even row formatting).

But I have an additional requirement which breaks this general approach (I think). I want to render rows depending on the existence of a value. So I am working with a conditional expression $if(expr)$. My template looks like this.

delimiters „$“,“$“
htmlTable(valueA, valueB, valueC, valueD) ::= <<
        <tr styleClass='odd'><td>$valueA$</td></tr>
        <tr styleClass='odd'><td>$valueC$</td></tr>

In the given template I can not use the hard coded styleClass attribute, because it would render the table wrong if the valueB parameter does not exist.

Is my requirement realizable with a template engine like StringTemplate, which focus on separation of model and view? Or is there too much model in the requirement as to implement it in the view? I know how to do it in other template engines (i. e. FreeMarker or Apache Velocity) or I might use some fancy CSS or javascript stuff but I would rather keep the model-view separation and use StringTemplates internal instruments.

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