While adding a single class works great in this way -


But how do I add multiple classes Ex if loading is true add class - "loading-state" & "my-class"

How do I get it done via the [class] binding


You can do this by simply using ngClass :

Here first,second and third are the name of the classes.

And instead of true/false , you can directly put your conditions over there

 <div [ngClass]="{'first': true, 'second': true, 'third': false}">...</div>

In your case

 <div [ngClass]="{'loading-state': loading, 'my-class': loading }">...</div>

Or Shorter Veriosn (as @matko.kvesic commented)

<div [ngClass]="{'loading-state my-class': loading}">...</div>
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    Or even: [ngClass]="{'loading-state my-class': loading}" – matko.kvesic Sep 15 '17 at 9:16

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