i am using Laravel Mail to send mail but it shows 500 error with

The localhost page isn’t working

localhost is currently unable to handle this request.

i am using this code

\Mail::send('suppliers.mail',['name' => 'test'],function ($mail) {

   $mail->subject('Supplier Details');

i have already setup smtp server in ubuntu and configure mail.php in config folder of laravel, i can send mails using core php code

  • there is mail configuration file config/mail.php – Prashant G Patil Apr 3 '17 at 10:00
  • Configure mail there – Prashant G Patil Apr 3 '17 at 10:00
  • i did config mail server – Ajit Apr 3 '17 at 10:04
  • use SMTP. there – Prashant G Patil Apr 3 '17 at 10:05
  • 1
    @Jeet Have you checked the apache error log?? You could find the main reason behind the error there. If you could post the log we could help you more on this. – PaladiN Apr 3 '17 at 10:32

In .env file

  • MAIL_DRIVER=mail
  • MAIL_HOST=localhost
  • MAIL_PORT=587

Mail Function It's Working.

$a = Mail::send('emails.reminder', [], function ($m) {
    $m->to('vijaydeva@domain.com')->subject('Your Reminder!');
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