I'm using Delphi for my computer science coursework and need my program to plot a simple graph for projectile motion. I've struggled in finding a way to implement this and was wondering if anyone has had experience in drawing graphs or would be able to point me in the right direction.

The main idea that I have tried is plotting all the x values and drawing a line to the corresponding y value at that given time, but each time it comes out really weird and doesn't work.

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Steps for simple graph:
1. Provide data values in array/list
2. Find minimal and maximal values for X and Y components
3. Calculate linear formulas for mapping data values to screen coordinates (min x = > left of rectangle for drawing and so on)
4. Draw line segments applying formulas to get coordinates
5. If needed, draw axes

P.S. Is TChart using prohibited?


I agree that TChart that ships with Delphi is enough to do that task. Anyway you can check this page also.

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