I have a Jupyter notebook that I wish to convert to pdf for publication, however when I save the notebook as a pdf many of the cells go over the edge.

Is there are way to wrap lines (to the standard 80 characters) so that as I type the cells are never wider than a standard A4 page?

Alternatively, is there something I can do when I convert to pdf instead? Thanks.


Here is a solution which will always wrap long lines (not just on export to psd):


Essentially, there is a flag in Jupyter's config file which turns on line wrapping.

Simply add the following to your config:

  "MarkdownCell": {
    "cm_config": {
      "lineWrapping": true
  "CodeCell": {
    "cm_config": {
      "lineWrapping": true

You'll need to restart Jupyter to see the change.

You can find (or create) your config file in your user directory: ~/.ipython/profile_nbserver/ipython_notebook_config.py,


My Bad: I did not realize that line wrapping breaks on export to PDF !! Comment under question by @Louie links to a discussion and sample code for writing a custom exporter. He also poses a workaround of manually wrapping long lines (in a pinch).

I'll leave my answer here, as it answers the question posted as the Title ("How do you wrap lines in a Jupiter Notebook?"), and highlights that the usual solution breaks on pdf export. Others looking for that answer can easily find it in this thread.


The problem has been solved in nbconvert 5.5 Just update and run

jupyter nbconvert --to pdf your-notebook.ipynb 

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