If I'm testing my Javascript code, I often use console.log to write messages to the browser console. I find it a convenient place to check for these messages.

Is it possible to output messages to the browser console from Ruby files within your Rails project? (E.g. from a method in the model)


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You can use console.log() in your views:


If you want to log in your Model, try:

Rails.logger.debug "message!!"

Simple. Just call puts 'your debug message' and it will be printed to where the server is logging. For instance, if you are running the rails server only by running rails s on a terminal, the output of puts will be on this same terminal. If you need more 'power' to debug, you should consider using IDE's like RubyMine to debug your code. Thus, you can place breakpoints and see all the application state.

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    For the record, the question asked about printing to the browser log and the answer is no. Rails code executes on the server and log messages are stored/viewed there. Javascript executes in the browser so logs are viewed in the browser.
    – cstrutton
    Sep 7, 2017 at 11:01

Not really, as cstrutton mentioned printing to the browser log is not possible. But this is something I tend to do which may help others in the same situation.

Say for example, I only want to display my debug params on my page if my :commit == "Search". I would do something like this:

In my helper file.

    def view_logging
        if params[:commit] == "Search"
            debug params
            # add whatever you want here if not true

Now inside my view page, I would just simply add the helper method defined.

<%= view_logging %>

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