I am using sessionStorage to ensure an action only happens once per session. However, if a user opens a new window - the sessionStorage is not carried over to the new window, and the action is executed again. See my code below:

if sessionStorage.alreadyTracked != "1"
  sessionStorage.alreadyTracked = "1"

Is there an easy way to do this that applies to all tabs? Maybe I need to use a cookie?


As far as html5 storage goes i would go for localStorage in your case.

See below for the differences.

Session Storage:

  • Values persist only as long as the window or tab in which they
  • Values are only visible within the window or tab that created them.

Local Storage:

  • Values persist window and browser lifetimes.
  • Values are shared across every window or tab running at the same origin.

Read more here


You probably want to switch to localStorage as sessionStorage is bound to individual tabs and localStorage is not.


If you're OK with targetting only FF/Chrome you might also want to take a look at the Broadcast Channel API

The Broadcast Channel API allows simple communication between browsing contexts (that is windows, tabs, frames, or iframes) with the same origin (usually pages from the same site).

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