I'm new to Phoenix (coming from Ruby/Rails), and after digging around in the docs, I couldn't figure out how to represent this relatively straightforward SQL query in Ecto:

select d.*, t.doc_id, count(*) as cnt 
from taggings t, docs d 
where d.id = t.doc_id 
group by d.id, t.doc_id 
order by cnt desc 
limit 20;

This is what the next line will be, what I'm sending to the template:

top_docs = Repo.all(top_docs_query) |> Repo.preload(:tags) |> Repo.preload(:taggings)

What am I missing?

Edit after working with accepted answer:

If you return the count, you will break preloading. This messed me up for a while this morning. Preloading appears to only work if it's just a list of the structs.

Here's the final code that did what I wanted, based on the query above (replace App with your application..):

top_docs_query =
  from d in App.Doc,
  join: t in App.Tagging, on: [doc_id: d.id],
  group_by: [d.id, t.doc_id],
  order_by: [desc: count(t.id)],
  limit: 20
  # select: {d, t.doc_id, count(d.id)} <- This is what was breaking the preloading.

top_docs = Repo.all(top_docs_query) |> Repo.preload(:taggings) |> Repo.preload(:tags)

The following should do the job, but please note that I haven't tested this:

from t in Tagging,
  join: d in Doc, on: [id: t.doc_id],
  group_by: [d.id, t.doc_id],
  order_by: [desc: count(d.id)],
  limit: 20,
  select: {d, t.doc_id, count(d.id)}
  • See my notes in my edit to the question, especially about the select statement and preloading. – Jason Butler Apr 4 '17 at 13:31

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